Children's Christmas Stories and Trucking Adventure Books


How Christmas Got Started

    Santa tells us how he grew up at the North Pole and the extraordinary measures Papa Claus went through to get him his new job. A magical miracle happens to Santa’s Father, Ivan the lumberjack, as he was looking for a new home. Three lilly white angels were lost and cold. With heavens help the North Pole Village complete with the toy factory began and changed the worlds holiday season forever. Go ahead open your heart and imagination. After all, we are all children at heart. 


Perfect Christmas Gift

The North Pole Toy Factory burns down just fifteen days before Christmas. The Dalmatian fire dog named Bruce and all the residents of the North Pole must work out a plan to get all the toys made and delivered on time! Did you ever hear of the other eleven famous reindeer who talk and fly? They are owned by Santa's neighbor, Bob, the Scottish elf. With Bob's help, Santa and the eleven reindeer help deliver toys all over the world on the greatest day of love and compassion the North Pole has ever seen. 


Read Something Every Day

"Reading one book is like eating one potato chip ."  

-- Diane Duane


For Truckers Who Want a Laugh!

This book has sixteen short humorous stories about a laid off steelworker and his career as a truck driver. The book begins with a look back at truck driving school of which he attended. He recalls his real-life learning experiences on how to be a professional tractor trailer driver with very little guidance beginning as a local driver,then hitting the open road as a long-haul driver. His unflappable quest of living on a houseboat and scuba diving for extra money fuel his interesting life style. There are many practical lessons of determination and sheer will power to overcome life's obstacles with a sense of humor. 


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