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Bruce the Fire Dog Saves Christmas


A delightful children's book featuring Bruce the fire dog, eleven unique reindeer, and Santa making the impossible happen when all is lost with no toys to deliver for Christmas.

The Humorus Side of Trucking


Buck Boylan is a free spirited truck driving steel worker. He played with Tonka toys as a small child as he grew up; he turned that childhood fantasy into an adult lifestyle, dangerous - but fun. With thirty years of scuba diving, living on house boats, motorcycle riding, to go along with being a heavy equipement operator and truck driver, his humorous tales can keep readers laughing for hours.

Bruce the Fire Dog and His North Pole Friends Say Hello


Bruce the Fire Dog brings the Santa Claus family to life by introducing Papa Claus; Mama Maria Claus; Santa’s Wife, Helen Claus; Santa’s Brother, Harold Claus; and his sister Barbara Jean Claus. Bob, the Scottish Elf, says hello. Bob’s now famed, flying, talking, and multicultural reindeer present themselves to you.  Go ahead open your heart and imagination. 

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